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5 days ago

Essay Topics for College Students

Essay Topics for College Students If you want to write an essay you should know that Writing essays is a serious work. Firstly you should choose a topic but if you don't decide what theme to choose, don't panic it is not a serious problem. There is a great number of themes for college students nowadays. Frankly speaking writing essay is very exciting and interesting work. Among the great number of essay topics for college students you need to choose only that one in which you will be interested. The author should remember that his or her essay should be interesting, fresh and original. Try to choose such topic that can appeal to you as an author and to your reading audience. Moreover, you are recommended to refrain from some obscure and strange themes that will never make an impression on your audience. Besides, it is also recommended not to select such themes that are vague and ambiguous in order to avoid misunderstanding. If you have finished your topic you need to think about the structure of the essay. Below you can read the list of the top essay topics for college students.

Essay Topics for High School Students

If you have a great desire to be healthy, become a vegetarian.

Students should have the right to vote.

Smoking should be made illegal all over the world.

Internet dependence or useful thing?

Your favorite book. Explain the reasons for selecting exactly this book.

Which is your favorite subject and why?

Tell us the aim of your life? How you are going to accomplish it?

What historical personality is your favorite one? Explain the reasons of your choice.

What is the best moment of your life?

What is the worst event in your life? How did you cope with it?

Describe your family, relatives and best friends. What have you learned from all of them?

Do you agree that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters? Explain why.

Is it important to be educated? Your personal opinion.

What are your unique and personal skills or qualities?

Tell us what you will do if receive your college degree.

If you are writing your college essay don't forget that your unique personality, opinions and individuality should be highlighted in your essay. You as an author should remember that your essay should be written very carefully in order to attract the attention of your audience. Write your essay creatively, with crystal clear. Don't forget to describe curious events and to use some interesting facts. You should think beforehand if your essay will be interesting for your audience. Remember, the main aim of your essay is to attract the reader's attention.

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2 months ago

Trump’s Press Secretary Made Forbes‘ ’30 Under 30,’ Called Him a ‘Dream Client’

Trump's Press Secretary Made Forbes' '30 Under 30,' Called Him a 'Dream Client' | Mediaite

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-2-39-37-pm-650x426For six years now, Forbes has reinforced the ennui and self-loathing of every underachieving college grad celebrated the success of enterprising young upstarts with their "30 Under 30" list. The slideshow highlights the achievements of young people in finance, design, art, journalism, and all manner of impactful fields. They released the latest version today and political observers noticed that Donald Trump's press secretary Hope Hicks made the list.

Hicks was a prominent figure in Trump's campaign for the presidency, but she was also a very quiet one. She didn't speak when she was profiled for GQ last year, but she was present while Trump spoke about her. The former model did offer quotes to Forbes for her mini-profile this time, though. Here's what her bio on the slideshow says:


The PR whiz called Trump her "dream client" and expressed a hope in having "even a small role" in the upcoming administration.

[image: screengrab]

Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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2 months ago

Smile Design Mukilteo: Customize Your Smile

Ever wanted to customize your smile to your liking? A new revolutionary technique under cosmetic dentistry, aptly named 'smile design', allows you to do exactly that. No matter what your age is, you can still get your smile altered according to your preferences. A few visits to a cosmetic dentist, followed by a few minor, painless surgeries are all you will need to flash your new smile proudly to the world.

There are a few criteria, which determine which smile would look on a particular person's face. These include:

1.Shape of your face: If you have a long face, you may need flatter teeth, so that your face would look slightly more oval. On the other hand, if you have an oval face with more attractive features towards the center of the What do they use to whiten teeth? face, a couple of long, central incisors are just what the doctor will order.

2.Your projected personality: What type of personality would you like to portray to others? If you want to appear bolder and more energetic, you need what dentists call a sexy smile. Again, if you wish to appear quieter, and more intelligent, then you need a sophisticated smile. Finally, if you wish to appear easygoing and want to exude warmth, look no further than a sporty smile.

3.Your actual age (or projected age): How old do teeth whitening home remedies you wish to appear to onlookers? If you wish to look younger, go for a sexy smile with longer central incisors. Want to appear more mature? Then a sophisticated smile is certainly perfect for you.

Smile design service offered by cosmetic dentists in Mukilteo, Washington is one of the best in the United States. When you visit one of the cosmetic dentists in the area, you will be asked some questions regarding your choice of smile, and the reason you made the choice. You will also get to see pictures of every smile type, so that you can make a better choice.

Some cosmetic dentists are equipped with computers that have special types of graphical software installed. They can show you exactly how your new smile would look on your face. An experienced dentist may not always agree fully with your choice of smile. Be prepared to be contradicted on occasions. However, the final choice will always be yours to make. It's your smile, and you will be the ultimate judge of what you want. So, go ahead, visit a smile design facility in Mukilteo today, to get the perfect smile for yourself.

By: Melville Jackson 1

Article Directory:

Mukilteo Dentist - Lynnwood Dentist Dale Townsan has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, and serves the communities of Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Shoreline and Lynnwood, Washington (WA).

3 months ago

Helping Children With Disabilities Get "fit For The Future"

A new program may help improve the lives of children with disabilities-and help them better manage their health.

Sixty-six percent of adults with disabilities are not very satisfied with their lives; 78 percent are unemployed; and they have increased health concerns, including greater susceptibility to additional health problems.

However, a new DVD may help improve the future outlook for children with disabilities. Called "Fit for the Future," it addresses two of the most important issues facing people with disabilities today: health and employment. The DVD was released by Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

"Fit for the Future" is meant to be a unique, innovative program that fills a void in available materials. The DVD includes three 20- to 30-minute, upbeat, kid-friendly exercise routines-stretching, strengthening and stamina-that can be done seated or standing. The exercise portion of the DVD features patients and therapists from the Tampa Shriners Hospital, as well as FBI personnel from Tampa, Fla., Washington, D.C., and Quantico, Va.

The program also includes informational sections on the Shriners fraternity, Shriners Hospitals for Children and the FBI.

The DVD has a second, equally important message of potential future employment. Statistically, people with disabilities have the highest unemployment rate (around 70 percent). Learning that the FBI specifically wants to hire people with disabilities could be a tremendous source of encouragement for kids with disabilities.

While designed primarily for children with orthopaedic disabilities, "Fit for the Future" is an exercise program virtually everyone can use. The exercise routines featured are general and basic enough to offer a starting point for a fitness regimen.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of providing exercise opportunities for people with disabilities. "We believe that a program featuring children with disabilities, as well as the strong presence of an FBI Agent as both partner and role model, may help motivate children with disabilities to exercise," said Peter Armstrong, M.D., medical affairs director for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Credit for the concept belongs to FBI Special Agent James Knights, who is also a Shriner. Knights, of Pittsburgh, Pa., wanted to create a way to help children with disabilities know that if they worked hard and stayed as strong and healthy as possible, their future could include a career in the FBI.

For more information on Shriners' network of 22 hospitals that provide medical care and services to children with orthopaedic problems, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate at no charge, write to Shriners International Headquarters, 2900 Rocky Point Dr., Tampa, FL 33607 or visit All services are provided at no charge to children under 18, regardless of financial need or relation to a Shriner.

By: Adam Johnes

Article Directory:

If you know a child whom Shriners can help, call (800) 237-5055 in the United States or (800) 361-7256 in Canada.

A new program helps motivate children with disabilities to stay in shape and build a bright future.

3 months ago

American Dental Association Announces Exclusive Student Loan Refinancing Offer with DRB to Help Members Refinance Their Dental School Loans

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The American Dental Association (ADA) today announced an exclusive

endorsement of DRB (Darien Rowayton Bank), a leader and the fastest

marketplace lender to $1 billion in student loan refinancing

originations. The endorsement allows ADA member dentists the opportunity

to refinance existing federal and private undergraduate and graduate

school loans at a lower rate to save tens of thousands of dollars, on


3 months ago

John Hancock insurance is subsidizing the cost of the new Apple Watch

John Hancock insurance is subsidizing the cost of the new Apple Watch | TechCrunch

How does a health insurance company go about trying to help address health problems before they arise? Getting people moving is a start. After all, there are plenty of long issues that can be avoided or lessened by living a more active lifestyle, a motivation that becomes all the more apparently as our lives tend increasingly toward the sedentary.

The jury's still out on the efficacy of wearables when it comes to long term health issues, but there's the undeniable immediate effect of making users more conscious of movement as they go about their day. From running and walking to standing, to simply remembering to take some time to breathe, a wrist-worn wearable is a buzzing reminder to mix things up a bit.

A number of health insurance companies have embraced wearables as a way to get their subscriptions to be more activity, including Aetna, which recently announced a major plan to subsidize the Apple Watch. Canada-based financial group John Hancock is getting on-board as well, announcing a subsidy program that offers up the Apple Watch Series 2 for as little as $25 to active members, through its Vitality program.

Interested parties who sign up will get the watch as part of the program, with the activities they log through walking, running, biking and swimming going toward the end payment of the wearable. So, $25 upfront, and you stay active, that's all you'll have to pay. If you fail to meet those goals, there's a monthly fee on the device spread out over the course of 24 months.

4 months ago

Stop Acid Reflux With These 10 Easy Steps

Acid reflux can be overwhelming at times. Once you have a flair up its hard to concentrate on anything else. The good news is that acid reflux can be stopped before it happens. An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure (or a pack of antacids!). These steps will help you curb the acid reflux at the foundation. Instead of battling the symptoms you will be working at the root of the problem.

Acid reflux is simply acid from your stomach entering parts of your esophagus. When this happens it causes a burning sensation often known as heartburn. In some extreme cases it can interrupt sleep or become unbearable for the patient. Try following these simple eight steps to stop acid reflux